Laptop DELL Latitude E5540 i5, Locked Bios. For Parts, *Read

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Laptop DELL Latitude E5540 i5 Bios Locked. unkonwn i5 processor type. / Model No.: P35F Preowned item intended for parts or repair, sold as is... Has been tested. Bios has a password, can't be access. Only Dell can unlocked. Can't boot to HDD due to Bios locked. Excellent cosmetic condition: almost no scuffs/scratches. Power supply / Charger not included. HDD not included. HDD caddie included. Battery included (untested). RAM not included. Please refer to the manufacturer for additional specs, user manuals or software/drivers (if required). Service TAG: 2HMQN12. R1-124-032-2D / R1-124-033-2D / R1-124-034-2D
Type of product ForParts
EGradeDescription These items might be missing key components necessary for the item to function properly (such as hard drives, certain nuts or bolts, covers, etc). These items are intended for experienced buyers or users of the product since some technical knowledge might be required to get the unit in full working order.